Exterior Demo and Certified Building Pads

When looking for a company to do your exterior demo and is certified in building pads, then look no further than the experts at Shane’s Grading and Paving Inc. With over 25 years of experience in our field, we can handle any job you may require.

We have completed all types of demolition projects and gained the experience and know-how needed to handle any unique demolition. We provides reliable, cost-effective demolition services to meet some of the toughest challenges in the area.

The best way to ensure a building’s success is to first build a solid foundation. When we are asking to perform the process, we create high quality building pads to ensure that construction can begin. We take great care in laying the dirt to the building site, performing a preliminary rough grading, checking for the correct density of the material, and then flattening and leveling it.

So contact us today at (602) 992-2201 for more information. We service all of Phoenix, AZ.

Certified Building Pads

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